Procedure for the testing of vehicle

The test on a vehicle is carried out after an application is submitted to the Department of Road Transport, a government fee of 8.00 Euro is paid electronically at the time and date are set. With the aim of offering the best possible services to our customers we undertake the on line completion of the relevant form. 

It must be clarified that our customers can obtain our services after a phone call, fax or e-mail where the interest of the individual or the company is noted.

The data required for the completion of the Government application form are:

  1. De-registration / Export Certificate
  2. C72 document from customs
  3. Details of the owner of a vehicle - individual or a company
  4. Details of the car auto or manual, saloon or convertible, abs or not, turbo or not, petrol or diesel
With the completion of the relevant application and its approval customer is notified the date and time and he or she should present vehicle for inspection.
When the vehicle successfully passes a test a certificate is issued. If a vehicle fails the test a new date for re-test is set after the faults noted by the examiners are rectified.