What is  the Cyprus SVA Test

The Cyprus SVA Test is a test which a vehicle undergoes if it is not accompanied by a certificate of conformity to the European specification (C.O.C) and its owner wishes to register it and put it to circulation on the Cyprus roads.

Vehicles which are included in the scheme

  • Used right hand drive passenger vehicles category M1 up to 8 seats - the driver included -  up to 5 years in age
  • Left hand drive vehicles imported from EU and Third Countries

Aspects which are checked during the Cyprus SVA test

  1. Masses
  2. Glass in windscreen and other windows outside 
  3. Lamps, reflectors and indicators devices
  4. Tyres
  5. Doors
  6. Speedometer (only If it has been replaced)
  7. General Construction
  8. Diesel emissions
  9. Petrol emissions
  10. Noise
  11. Seats and head restriction
  12. Protective steering
  13. Seat Belts
  14. Installation of seat belts
  15. Seat belts anchorages
  16. Mirrors
  17. Brakes
  18. Interior Fittings
  19. External projections
  20. Wipers
  21. Defrosting / Demisting